MagiFun Aqua Beads Crafting Kit

WATER-BASED – Features magical water-based beads which need no ironing or glue, just a little water is all you need to automatically glue them together. Create, spray, flip tray, and they stay! 

DIY ACCESSORIES – Allows your kids to create endless designs or accessories like finger rings, pendant, cellphone chain, character or animal figures, and more – the possibilities are endless!

MULTI-COLORED – Each set comes with more than 1000 beads in 10 colors so your kids can easily mix and match the colors depending on their preferred design, for hours of fun.

GUIDE TEMPLATES – Comes with different drawing templates which serve as your guide by simply putting under the bead tray for a more precise bead positioning.

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT – Not only is fun to play with but also encourages cognitive development and enhances creativity and intelligence in your little one as they match bead colors with the patterned setting template.

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