Warm your hands this winter with our beautiful hand warmer!

Made for those days out in the cold where you just wish you had a little extra bit of warmth to comfort your icy fingers, perhaps when on the bus or train home, or even if you are out seeking adventure during the colder months. You can even take it to bed with you for extra warmth before you fall asleep. 

Additionally the Little Tail features a beautiful brightness adjustable night lamp which can be turned on either together with the hand warming function, or it can be used separately. Perfect for when you need a soft light at night time, or if you are out camping or even socializing in the garden after dark. 

It’s constructed from an aluminum alloy shell and silica gel for super comfortable hand feel. Its internal ceramic heating plate delivers a constant temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius. 

The hanging tail section is specially designed to allow you to hang it if using it as a light, or you can use it to hang from your finger for easy carrying and to maintain hands free mobile use if required. 


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